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How do I get my project translated?

All that you need to do is to send us your document with your requirement (if applicable) electronically via mail and make the payment. 

We'll give a quick look at your document after reception, and then assign it to one of our language specialists according to the field of the document. Proofreading will be carried out after the translation.

How can you ensure that a translation/localization/transcription is correct/accurate?

We pay strict attention to your exact linguistic and cultural requirements. Several (depending on the complexity of the document) senior reviewers will check the translation for quality control. At last your document will also be typeset based on your requirement (if applicable).
Glossary and terminology can be sent to you if required.

How long does it take to complete a translation?

The turn-around time varies according to the language, the length and difficulty of your document to be translated. Generally speaking, it takes about 1~2 days to translate 3,000 words. Urgent documents can also be handled by C-Translations with an extra charge for urgent cases.

How will the price of my translation/localization/transcription be calculated?

The price of a project depends on many factors, including the language you want to translate from and into, the word account of the document to be translated/, the type of the document (technical or not, patent or not, legal or not, etc), whether certification is required or not, and so on.

You can ask for a free quote by sending/describing your document to be translated through our QUOTE page. You can also send us your document via E-mail or fax for a quick translation quote. If you need interpreting service quote, you may either send us an E-mail or telephone us to detail your schedule and requirement.

Do you offer certified translation?

C-Translations is eligible to offer document translation and certification service.

What is the difference between human translation and machine translation? Do you use machine translation?

Machine translation, as the name implies, employs only software to translate text, which involves no human during the translation and is not as logic, accurate or insightful as human translation.
We works only with professional human translators who provide accurate and . We do not employ machine translation. Computer-aided tools or translation memory software such as TRADOS may be adopted during the translation to ensure consistency of terminology, which is not machine translation.

Do you offer live interpreting services?

Yes, live interpreting service can be provided in China Mainland. 

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept payment through wire transfers and Paypal.