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For patent applications to enter another country, a translation version of the patent document (or part of it) into the language of the target country is required. This is where patent translation lies. Translation accuracy and precision are vital to preserve the integrity of the patent and protect against infringement.

C-Translations translates all types of patent & IP related documents to and from Chinese for various fields, especially mechanical and electrical fields.

Examples of documents we translate:

Patent applications Abstracts, claims, specifications, application forms, office actions, amendments
Litigation documents Complaint, pleadings, record of oral proceedings, description of evidence, decisions
Others Research paper, comparison report and other technical documents

Some of the major fields we work in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  •  Environmental technology
  •  Information technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical devices
  •  Pharmaceuticals

Our advantages

1. Professionals
We use only governmental certified professional patent translators and editors who have a combination of technical background, linguistic ability and years of patent translation experience.
2. Experience
We've provided patent translation service for over 10 years. We've successfully handled the translation of over 3,000 patent applications and are fimilar with the terminology, processes, formats and focus of patent applications in different countries. The list of our clients includes patent law firms, technological companies, pharmaceutical corporations and other organizations.
3. Management
We categorize our 200 translators based on their fields of expertise so that all patent documents can be quickly assigned to translators with relevant background; we develope an advanced working mode for patent translation, all projects will ndergo mltiple reviews, all terms will be collected in computer-aided tools and all feedback will be forwarded to the translator in every single case.