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C-translations is a language service provider supported by Param Culture Communication Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese company specializing in language, media and conference service.


C-translations deals with all language pairs from and to Chinese, ensuring that all works can be done and rechecked by multiple senior reviewers.


We've integrated professional translation and computer network technology to set up a brand new mode of operation. Computer aided translation tools including TRADOS, WORDFAST are employed to improve translation efficiency and terminology uniformity.


Comprising governmentally certified translators and interpreters, state-level reviewers, foreign language experts, and language scholars from top universities and institutes, C-translations is dedicated to provide reliable and professional language service for businesses, governmental departments and individuals.


Since our establishment in 1997, we have successfully accomplished the translation of over 100 major national projects with the support of our staff and translation experts, provided certified interpreters for over 10,000 conferences and other events, and completed millions-of-word document translation for governmental departments, organizations, businesses and individuals.